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With years of experience in planning and measurement, Ace of Storage Inc. is an ambitious and dynamic company whose aim is to offer its customers an attractive array of solutions to increase their storage alternatives. Whether creating a large walk-in, a simple wardrobe, a garage, or pantry from scratch, Ace of Storage Inc. is a company you can count on for a well done job, adapted to your needs and lifestyle. Are you missing storage space? Can't fit all your items? Is it possible that your...

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Custom Walk-in
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Custom Closet

The organization of a customized closet is a benefit in any house. Every piece of clothing will have its place.

Garage Storage

The garage is where we store most of our belongings, always looking for another place to put anything. Instead all we find is Mayhem. The garage, however, should be a pleasant place to be.

Laundry Room storage

Laundry rooms are often small and the owner often needs space for their cleaning products and accessories. By organizing the storage space according to your needs and taste, this space will quickly become a pleasant place to be.

Confined Spaces

When budget is tight and our living space tighter, it's paramount to use a method of arrangement which allows us to store everything we need.

Pantry Storage

The pantry is often found in a disorganized state with food everywhere. When you personalize your pantry however you realize quickly that it can be of greater use.

Custom Walk-in

walk-in closet is a space that everyone dreams about. When a walk-in is not well organized however, it quickly becomes a place where accessories and clothing is found in a heap.

Organized storage Spaces!

  • Wired shelves are gaining more and more in popularity inyour area. This phenomenon is due to the ratio of quality/price.



  • The linen closet is a storage space one often forgets. But once organized it can be a very useful storage area. When we arrange a linen room we maximise its utility: even a linen shoot can easily be integrated.


  • Tapping into storage spaces is an art that not everyone is gifted with. Because of this, several criteria are taken into account to get the best of each installation. 1.


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