Storage Spaces

Maximize your storage space

Espace de rangement

Tapping into storage spaces is an art that not everyone is gifted with. Because of this, several criteria are taken into account to get the best of each installation.

1. The specific needs for each storage space must be considered and measures must be taken in order to develop space so you can put away any items which need to be stored.

2. Ensuring the strength of each installation. That is to say that we use high quality anchors, superior materials and the latest installation technology. We also ensure proper installation of ties and poles to increase support.

3. Selection of the necessary heights to optimize the put-away actions to ensure ergonomic movements.

4. To ensure that the development is interesting from an aesthetic point of view.

Rangement sur mesure

Our company is proud to offer its customers expertise in each of these criteria in the following sectors.

  • Wired Shelving Solutions

  • Mixed development (wire shelving and melamine)

  • Development of melamine products