Wired Shelves

Development of Wired Shelves Solutions

Wired shelves are gaining more and more in popularity inyour area. This phenomenon is due to the ratio of quality/price.

These shelves are produced out of steel and are covered with epoxy painting of very high quality then cooked with a furnace to give them even more resistance. They are light, very solid, and have a vast spread of piece-rates for where they are installed. Not to mention the modern aspect and an air of freshness they bring.

Since air circulates freely through wire shelves, there is less dust which accumulates so cleaning of the shelves is done more quickly. Wired shelves offer the possibility of installation to measure, adaptable to your needs, your tastes, and your lifestyle. All this at lower costs than other materials: without compromising the beauty or effectiveness.

Custom solutions adapted to your needs

Espace de rangement avec tablettes grillagées

Due to their rugged build and being installed with high quality fittings, these wired shelves will hold for a lifetime.

To avoid marks on clothing or to facilitate the balance of objects on the steel pins used in installation an option to add transparent plastic on your shelves is also available.