Storage to tight spaces

Development of Confined Spaces

Rangement sur mesure

When budget is tight and our living space tighter, it's paramount to use a method of arrangement which allows us to store everything we need.

By maximizing your wardrobe or other storage space, just according to your needs and your lifestyle, you can increase the available storage space by almost 50%, while also eliminating the need for extra furniture in the room! Just by adding a second shelf-pole, and using specific heights, you will optimize your wardrobe and double the space for clothing.

The possibility to insert various accessories into your solution can enable you to arrange all your clothing, including your underclothing, belts, ties, and others within the interior of your wall cupboard! Even if the surface of your arrangement is small!

Personalized Arrangements

Espace restreint

This modification will enable you to install an office corner or another space necessary to your lifestyle to your room without worrying about being overloaded, surrounded by furniture.

These personalized arrangements can be made throughout your house! In the kitchen, for example, often the storage space is limited. The fact is that organizing your pantry will enable you to see food more easily, and give you greater access to it. The personalized arrangement on all your cupboards is also possible! With the help of sliding shelves, you can have access to your pots, pans, and other awkward sized objects with ease - helping to recover space! The linen room and other storage spaces are also often overloaded. By maximizingeach one of these spaces to their full potential, you can see: your apartment is larger than ever!